Ik ben het waard!

Massage through singing bowls

A singing bowl massage is mainly aimed at letting go, allowing you to experience deep relaxation. During the session you lie on the mattress with your clothes on. Singing bowls are placed on and around your body. These are gently struck with a beater. This creates vibrations because sound is vibration. Each scale has a different unique vibration just as every person is unique. So the bowls will sing in a different way for each person. So at that moment you get precisely what you need. Your body goes into resonance with the scale, which means that your body will vibrate along with the sounds and vibrations.

This gives the cells in your body an inner massage. This inner massage will relax your cells. This will lead to a better blood flow in places where you were cramped or had a blockage. So you get a general relaxation of body and mind!

Personally, I think the best description for a singing bowl massage is very short and concise: INSTANT HAPPINESS!!!

A session includes more than just a singing bowl massage.Before we get started, we will discuss whether there are certain points of interest for you.After the massage you get some time to let everything sink in and to share your experiences with me.