Ik ben het waard!

I invite you to reconnect with your Wholeness

Connecting by yourself

When it feels best for you to get started one on one.Everything that arises is specifically aimed at your issues in that moment.

Connecting in group

You are invited to rediscover your wholeness together with others around a theme. What arises helps you and your fellow travelers in that moment.


Reconnecting session

During this session we will work on tackling your limitations, patterns, ... prevent you of connecting with your wholeness


Reconnecting massage

During a healing massage, your body and mind can relax during the process of reconnecting with your body and yourself.

Day retraite

A day filled with invitations to experience a fast ande intense growth 

About me and my mission

The name I was given at birth is Nikki. The meaning of this name is 'victor along with the people'. I don't like identifying things because I believe that blocks the energy from flowing. But when I look at this meaning I recognize some of it in my life and mission.

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