Ik ben het waard!

About me

The name I was given at birth is Nikki .The meaning of this name is 'victor together WITH the people'.

I don't like identifying things because I feel like that blocks the possibilities for change. But when I look at this meaning I recognize some of it in my life and mission.

I've always had a big heart. I've always helped people and when I didn't do it consciously, I subconsciously attracted people who were looking for a listening ear or help. It was the case everywhere I went and whatever I did.

On the other hand, the last person I took care of was myself. I ignored myself for years and always put a smile on my face to make others feel good. And not to show that things didn't always go well with me. The song 'Ze huilt maar ze lacht' by Maan was made for me!I completely denied myself. And was no longer connected to myself.

Now that almost all feels like a past life.

I still experience that I can live as a 'victor WITH the people'. Now more than ever. But TOGETHER WITH and no longer at my own expense.

I can live with the love I carry within me, I can enjoy it, I can love myself and I can radiate love and share it with those who need it. I am allowed to acknowledge, embrace and use my wisdom to care for myself and others. I get to see my own beauty, which I radiate that I pass on to others. And I get to replenish my strength, refuel when I need it before supporting others. Because this way I can continue to give to you! By first giving to and receiving from myself. And that's the place where mygeing and what my mission is intertwined. I am love, strength, wisdom and beauty.  And from all that I live my mission to invite you to connect with yourself. So that you too can see and live who you are.

A kind and talented Lady 

We were very kindly received by Nikki. After a short introduction we were allowed to lie down on a soft bed. She intuitively used the singing bowls... It was wonderfully relaxing. Afterwards we felt a lot lighter, fully charged and back in balance. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. A friendly, talented lady, Nikki!